General & Administrative

Dues (Membership) Renewal

Please click the above image to renew your dues for the current year.  We are only taking online payments for dues renewals.   If you have any issues with the online payment form, please contact us.


OA Troop Representative Forms

  • OA Troop/Team Representative Registration Form for a Scoutmaster to send to the Unit Elections committee to update the information about their unit’s OA Troop Representative
  • Unit of Excellence Award – This is an annual award that seeks to identify those units, and the leaders within them, who excel at incorporating the OA into their annual planning.   OA Troop Representatives 

Lodge Awards & Honors

Vigil Honor Nomination Form
Use this online form to nominate a deserving brother for the Vigil Honor. The nominee must be a Brotherhood member in good standing in the lodge, and have received the Brotherhood Honor at least 2 years ago. Nomination forms need to be sent in by March 1st on an annual basis. 
Founder’s Award Nomination Form
Use this form to nominate a deserving brother for the Founder’s Award. This is a national-level award which our lodge can present to 2 Brothers each year. The nominee must have demonstrated the highest ideals of Scouting and the Order. This award is presented annually at the Winter Banquet. Nomination forms may be sent to the council service center. Nominations are due by October 1st.
Lodge Chief’s Eagle Feather Award
This is a special Na Tsi Hi award. The eagle feather award is a way for the lodge chief to thank a brother for any outstanding contribution. Contributions can take many forms and the chief will decide when to recognize a brother whose efforts have benefited the lodge. The chief will make several presentations during his tenure. You can also make the chief aware of brothers who have made outstanding contributions. We do not have a nomination form for this award. However, if you think someone is deserving, make a recommendation to the Chief

Eagle Feather Award

James E. West Fellowship Award

James E. West Fellowship Award
An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
This award recognizes donations made by individuals or groups to the local council’s endowment fund. The donation may be given by a group to honor a fellow Scout or Scouter. The award is named for James E. West, who was appointed Chief Scout Executive in 1910. James E. West led the Boy Scouts of America through its first three decades as it grew into a strong national organization.
There can be no finer honor paid to a Scouter than to be named a James E. West Fellow, indicating that the recipient has the same spirit and dedication to Scouting as did James E. West. Those who are recognized by the James E. West Fellowship Award will cast their own lengthened shadow as they help ensure the future of our Scouting legacy through financial stability
For many years Na Tsi Hi had bestowed honorary life memberships as a way to recognize outstanding individuals whose positive influence on young Arrowmen was both broad and lasting and whose long-term dedication and service had significantly benefited Na Tsi Hi Lodge. Often times the life membership honor was presented on the occasion of that individual leaving the lodge or leaving the position in which they had prominently served. In that way it was similar to a lifetime achievement award. Order of the Arrow guidelines do not acknowledge life memberships and our lodge chose to begin a new tradition by bestowing the James E. West Fellowship Award which now serves the same purpose. The James E. West Fellowship Award shall be presented when circumstances and the Arrowman merit such recognition. 
The list of Na Tsi Hi Life Members and James E. West Fellows can be found here.

Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form
Use this form to nominate a deserving brother for the Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes Arrowmen who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis.

Financial Forms

Deposit Form
Form to use when depositing money collected for the lodge (such as event on-site registration, quartermaster sales, etc.).
Expense Reimbursement/Check Request Form
Form to use when a check is needed to reimburse for an approved lodge expense. Please note that this form must be approved by the Staff Adviser, and allow at least 2 weeks for processing.


Election Forms for NaTsiHi Lodge

Additional forms are available on the National OA website’s Forms page.