Request Ceremony/Dance

Types of Ceremonies Available

Cub Scout: Arrow of Light / Cub Scout Graduation Ceremony

  • This is our most performed ceremony where we recognize the achivements of your Arrow of Light Cub Scouts and cross them into their new Scout troops.
  • This same ceremony can be used to recognize those Arrow of Light Cub Scouts who choose not to continue along their Scouting trail.

Boy Scout: Four Winds Ceremony for Eagle Scouts

  • This ceremony is designated to recognize an active member of the Order of the Arrow with a special Four Winds ceremony upon obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • The Eagle Canidate must be a Brotherhood or Vigil Honor member of our lodge for our team to perform the ceremony for you.

Scheduling Your Ceremony

What should I include in my request to the Ceremonies Team?

Before placing your request for a ceremony BE CERTAIN that you have ALL of the following information at hand:

  • Unit number
  • Type of Ceremony being requested
  • Event date & time
  • Time you would like the ceremony to start at
  • Venue Information (Name, Address, Phone)
  • Point of Contact for our teams to reach you These will be required on the form below.

How do I know my information has been received?

  • Within one week of your submission, an adult advisor of the Ceremonies Team will contact by email to let you know that we have received your request.
  • This email will confirm the following information:
    • We have placed your request on our calendar.
    • Our District Coordinators (adult associate advisors) are now in the process of soliciting our youth membership for ceremonialists to perform the ceremony at the date and time requested.
    • Please understand that this may take some time, so if you do not hear anything for a period of time, please do not panic.
    • The District Coordinator may reach out to you to ask for additional youth from a local troop to assist us with a Webelos crossover if we do not have enough ceremonialists for your requested time/date.
    • When your ceremony has been given full coverage, you will again receive a notification that we will be able to perform at your event.
  • From the point you get the confirmation email you will not hear from us again until 1-2 weeks before your ceremony when the adult advisor assigned to your event will contact you to confirm that everything is still planned and to make any final arrangements.
  • However, if any of the particulars about the event (date, place, or time) change, please contact us immediately by email at

Thank you so much for your time and we hope to encounter you during crossover season!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much room do we need to perform an effective ceremony?

As much room as possible, but, at a minimum, a 10 foot by 10 foot square to set up our equipment.

Where will the ceremonialists change into their regalia?

Any room that affords privacy and is not an active bathroom. Any classroom, office or broom closet will generally suffice.

What is the expected/required donation?

There is no expected or required donation. It is recommended to bring a blank check to the event and fill in amount that is commensurate with the value that our ceremony added to the event. Any donations that are made are deposited directly to the Na Tsi Hi Lodge general fund, which supports the camping activities and services of Monmouth Council.

When can I schedule a ceremony?

The form below is accessible from September 15th through June 1st each year. For requests outside that timeframe, please contact the adult advisor listed above.

Scheduled Events