Unit Elections

Guide to Unit Elections – National Video

The following training videos are for the OA Troop Representative and Adviser.

To make the most of the presentations, please print out the NaTsiHi Lodge Election Guidelines and Unit Election Report documents to have while watching the training video.

Unit Election Process

Here is the summarized Unit Election Process:

  1.  The unit posts to its troop when it will be holding it’s Order of the Arrow Election on an annual basis
  2. The unit’s Scoutmaster identifies which Scout(s) have met the membership requirements to be on the Troop’s Ballot.  Review the Lodge Chief’s Letter for further explanations on qualifications.
  3. The troop reaches out to a local troop’s OA Represenative or the Lodge’s Election team to hold the election
  4. The troop holds the elections following the Guide to Elections.   
  5. The Elections Team (with help from the Troop’s Scoutmaster) fills out both the Unit Election Report AND the Unit Election Results – Candidate Contact Information that both need to be send in to unitelections@natsihi.org
  6. The troop then calls out the elected youth and encourages them to attend one of our upcoming Induction Weekends
  7. The troop not the election teams, provide each elected member with Candidate Information Package after they have been called out.
  8. The Troop’s Committee reviews the Adult Nomination Guidelines and submits Adult Nomination Forms as applicable for review.

If you need help setting up your unit’s election or to help promote your Unit’s OA program, please reach out to us at unitelections@natsihi.org

Election Related Forms

Complete Election Kit of all of the Forms

Election Forms for Unit Leaders

Unit Election Reports – Youth

Unit Election Reports – Adult

  • Adult Candidate Nomination Form Letter This letter from the Lodge Adviser explains the nominating process for potential adult candidates
  • Adult Nomination Form This form is to be filled out and signed by the Committee Chair and Unit Leader.  This form is also used by District Chairs and Council-level volunteers/professionals wishing to nominate adults for possible membership in the OA.  Completed forms must be returned as directed by the deadline.

Candidate Information Package

This document contains all of the information an elected candidate needs in order to prepare for an Induction Weekend.