Order of the Arrow – Unit of Excellence Award

The Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Award is an annual award that seeks to identify those units, and the leaders within them, who excel at incorporating the OA into their annual planning. This award is intended to provide a tool for lodges to recognize, incentivize, and operationalize unit-level participation in Order of the Arrow programs.

Unit of Excellence Award Checklist

Fall Fellowship – Oct. 30th, 2016


Join us for an afternoon of fun, food, fellowship, and brotherhood! Gaga,Frisbee, Human Foosball, BBQ, Games, and MORE!!!

Check in at Lawrence Lodge, Quail Hill, Noon to 6:00 pm on Sunday, Oct 30th

Come out to Quail Hill and join us!

Fee is $15.00 ($18 after 10/23) to help fund the renovation of the All-Faiths Chapel

Register online at tentaroo.com/monmouth or by mailing in the below to Monmouth Council BSA by October 23rd

705 Ginesi Drive, Morganville, NJ 07751

Fall Fellowship 2016 Flyer

Announcing Pine Pass 2017! A season pass for the 2017 OA Season.


For one payment, you will pay your 2017 dues, the OA Winter Banquet, Spring Pow Wow, Fall Pow Wow and Fall Fellowship. You will receive a special 2017 Pine Pass patch. If you wear this patch at OA events, you are entitled to come to the front of the line for all meals (after the new inductees).

Automatically register for all four events as well as paying your dues for the upcoming year. The cost of the Pine Pass is $95.00.


The individual costs for these items are:

Winter Banquet – Dec. 29, 2016 (includes special lodge flap)            $25.00
Spring Pow Wow – June 2-June 4 at Forestburg (includes patch)           $28.00
Fall Pow Wow – September 8-10 at Quail Hill (includes patch)            $28.00
Fall Fellowship – Oct 29                                                $15.00
2017 dues                                                               $15.00
Total individual cost:                                                  $111.00

Pine Pass:                                                              $ 95.00

Payment must be received by December 29, 2016. No late payments will be accepted.
When you purchase the Pine Pass you receive a special 2017 Pine Pass patch. Wear this patch at one of the season’s events; it will entitle you to come to the front of the line for all meals (after the new inductees).
This is for the named individual and is non-transferable.

OA Member – 2017 PINE PASS Registration online: https://monmouth.tentaroo.com/

Pine Pass 2017 Flyer

CubtoberFest Help Needed!! Saturday, October 29th

The Lodge will be assisting Monmouth Council by running stations at CubtoberFest, a Cub Scouting Festival. Please come out to support our council’s Cub Scouting Program.

(Come out to help on Saturday for CubtoberFest, stay overnight to help tear down, and attend Fall Fellowship free!)

Please contact secretary@natsihi.org if you can assist