Pow Wow


What is Pow Wow?

Our New Member Induction Weekend (also commonly called a Pow Wow) is held twice a year in June and September.  The entire weekend centers on the Order’s theme of cheerful service.

If you were elected by the members of your troop but that have not been fully admitted,  you are considered a Candidate.  As a candidate, you would need to attend one of the Pow Wows in the year you were elected to become a member of our lodge.

If you already have your OA Sash, you are a Member.  We would encourage all of our members to come back out and help us induct new members into our lodge.


When is Pow Wow?

Spring Pow Wow
June 1-3, 2018
Forestburg Scout Reservation
Fall Pow Wow
September 7-9, 2018
Quail Hill Scout Reservation

How Do I Attend?

Electronic Registration via Tentaroo

All sign up for our events are handled online through Tentaroo.  If you have not already done so, you will need to create an “individual” account to register for this and all OA events going forward. It’s a simple 2 minute set-up process.

If you are a Candidate:

  • Log into your Tentaroo Account.
  • Click on Event Type: ‘OA: Pow Wow CANDIDATES ONLY’
  • Click on which Pow Wow you want to attend
  • Click on New Registration and follow the prompts
  • The event cost will be $40 (or higher if you register late)

Current Lodge Members:

  • Log into your Tentaroo Account
  • Click on Event Type: ‘OA:Spring Pow Wow’ or ‘OA:Fall Pow Wow’
  • Click on New Registration and follow the prompts
  • If you are a Current Pine Pass Holder, choose Pine Pass as the participant type from the drop-down box.

Event Flyers

Pow Wow Flyer for Members (2018)

Pow Wow Flyer for Candidates (2018)

BSA Medical Forms and Medical Form Policy

You always need to bring a COPY of a completed Medical Form (Parts A & B) to all OA overnight events.  Note that only Part C requires a doctors signature, but that a parent’s signature is ALWAYS mandatory on Parts A and B for a Scout under 18.If you leave your MEDICAL FORM behind at the end of an event, it will be shredded by our Health/Safety officer for your privacy.  Please make sure when you check-out at our overnight events, you pick up your medical form as we can not hold any medicals after the event.

BSA Medical Form