Message from the Chief

Happy New Year everyone I hope your holiday season went well! The winter banquet was a great success and it was a pleasure to see all of the brothers socializing together. Even though our next large event will be in late April, it is still important to keep the spirit of brotherhood close to you. At the recent COC we discussed the JTE requirements and planned various aspects of conclave. Thank you to all that attended. It is very important that you reach out to your units regarding elections. The new JTE requirements for 2015 call for elections to be done by an arrowman from an outside unit. I know many youth have an arrowman from a nearby unit that they can ask to run their election. ¬†We will be holding our LLD in the upcoming months and I cannot stress how important it is that as many as ¬†possible chairmen attend. As always chairmen should be looking for vice chairs if they don’t have one already. Everyone have a great winter and stay safe.

Zachary Bolger,
Lodge Chief