NOAC 2018

July 30 to August 4 2018
at Indiana University


Event Information

National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is the largest gathering of Arrowmen. During your time at NOAC you will have the chance to meet over 8,000 other Arrowmen from across the Nation. You will be able to play dodge ball, capture the flag and numerous other games. PLUS – if you don’t like to cook, this is the trip for you! All the meals are prepared for you in the college cafeterias. You will be staying in the dorm rooms on campus.

There is an awesome OA Trading Post and NOAC hosts the second biggest patch trading event (first being the National Jamboree). There are exhibitors with the latest in camping and outdoor equipment and High Adventure trip planning that you can go on. Interested in the history of OA? See it in the Museum of OA and Scouting History.

NOAC not only has lots of fun opportunities but it’s educational too! You will attend classes to improve your leadership skills that you can bring back to your unit and Lodge or learn what it’s like to be a Lodge Chief. Other classes include OATR training, helping the Boys in Blue, Webelos to Boy Scout crossover, conducting a Vigil Callout ceremony and many more.

The cost to attend the 2018 NOAC is expected to be around $900.  A $100 deposit per youth is required to hold your place within the Lodge Contingent. Scouts and adults who are registered members of the BSA and dues paying members of the OA may attend this National event.

Due to expected high interest coupled with capacity constraints at Indiana University, National will be instituting a quota for the 2018 NOAC and enforcing a 3:1 youth to adult ratio.  We have only 21 youth spots that will be available for registration below. YOUTH spots will be filled first-come first serve with registration and your $100 deposit.

Adult Spots

As there are very few Adult Spots available, there will be an application process to apply for an available spot.  

There will be two basic criteria used for selecting Adults to be a part of our contingent.

  • First and foremost, put together an adult contingent that will lead to the best possible experience for the youth.
  • Secondly, include the adults that will have the greatest positive impact on the lodge in the future.

If you are interested in attending as an Adult, DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT AT THIS TIME

Adult Application Form – Google Form


Youth Signed Up

 1. Ronnie M.
 2. Nick B.
 3. Geoffrey A.
 4. Trevor K.
 5. Scotty H.


Adults Signed Up

  • Mrs. Weiss
  • Mr. Weiss
  • Mr. Columbia
  • Mrs. Kiss