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Unit Relations is one of the most important committees because it bridges the gap between the Lodge and each individual troop in the council. Besides the Chairman and Vice Chairmen, all OA Troop Representatives are automatically part of the committee.  The OA Troop Representatives serve as communication links between their troops and the Lodge.

Unit Relations has two major responsibilities:  One is to ensure each troop holds annual OA elections to bring new members into the Lodge.  Election season takes place from January 1st to March 31st and all OA elections have to be held in that time.  The second responsibility is to maintain good communications and relationships with the individual troops in the council. This is a year-round job. OA Troop Representatives are used to notify their troop about upcoming OA events like the Pow Wows, Fellowship Weekends, and section/national OA events.  Unit Relations maintains an email list of OA Troop Representatives to notify them when necessary.  If you are an OA Troop Representative and you are not on the list, please email the Chairman using the link above.  If your troop does not have an OA Troop Representative, please also notify the Chairman as soon as possible!

The Unit Relations Committee has one award for its members.  The Distinguished OA Troop Representative Award is for those who attend Troop Representative Training, hold elections with in the correct time period, hand in the election results on time, and maintain good communication with the Chairman, Vice Chairmen, and Advisers.


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