Elangomat Committee


About Us

You have just completed your Ordeal and you ask, “What should I do now?” The answer may be serving as an Elangomat. The word “Elangomat” is Lenape for “friend.” And that’s exactly what the Elangomat Committee is to Ordeal candidates. The role of the Elangomat is to guide, lead, and help the candidates on their way through their Ordeal.  After two Elagomating, one receives a limited Edition Elagopatch.  After completing his third Ordeal in the role of an Elangomat, an Arrowman receives an Elango-Hat.

If interested in being an Elangomat, feel free to mail us

“Serving as an Elangomat, ‘friend’ in the language of the Lenni Lenape, is also rewarding and challenging. As an Elangomat, you go through the test of the Ordeal along with the candidates. Your example is a better teacher of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service than any spoken words. By learning more about the Order and yourself, you also rededicate yourself to the Order. Dedication to the ideals of the Order is the hallmark of a good Elangomat.”

Order of the Arrow Handbook