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Cheerful Service Committee

Cheerful Service

This is the backbone of the lodge. These are the guys in the trenches (sometimes literally), serving their brothers and others.

Forestburg Trail Crew

About Us

The Forestburg Trails Crew is a subcommittee that focuses on the importance of conservation. The subcommittee organizes and runs two trail building weekends a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The weekends take place at Forestburg Scout Reservation where volunteers will learn about conservation, and proper trail building techniques. These weekends are free of charge to any scout or scouter who is interested in learning and practicing proper trail building and conservation techniques.

How to get involved

Ifyou are interested in the principles of conservation or trail building, it is easy to get involved in this committee. We’re always looking for people to help run the weekends, either as crew leaders or regular volunteers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

A special word to troops

The FSR trails committee would like to extend an invitation to all troops in Monmouth Council to come to any of the two weekends, as a troop, and give back to the council’s camp as well as learn about conservation and trail building. Troops can register as a unit. Special consideration will be given to pre-registered troops when organizing the weekend. If you wish to register your troop for either of the weekends please contact us at