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The Sharpest Arrow

We are running the Sharpest Arrow Program!

Have you done everything you can to be an active member of our lodge?

If so, you should apply for the Na Tsi Hi Sharpest Arrow Award, which is intended for youth arrowmen who have met the requirements below:

  • Dues paid for Current Year (2017)
  • Dues paid for Next Year (2018)
  • Attended at least 5 Lodge Meetings
  • Attended at least 4 Lodge Events

For more information, go to:

Winter Banquet 2017

Attention all lodge members! Join us for a night of celebration as we look back on our year in the lodge! This year’s Winter Banquet will be on December 28, 2017 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Colts Neck.

The Banquet will include:

  • A catered dinner
  • Our annual patch auction
  • Awarding of this year’s Sharpest Arrow awards,
  • Additional presentations
  • OA Founder’s Awards, and much much more!

The Lodge Banquet is open to all Arrowmen and their families/invited guests.  Dress for Scouts/Scouters is Class A uniform with an OA sash. 

Register here:

Message from the Supreme Chief of the Fire Mike Mahon

Na Tsi Hi Lodge,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of our OA lodge, Camp and Properties Committee, helpful volunteers, and Council Staff for pulling together and providing cheerful service in preparing for and hosting our 2017 Conclave. You did our lodge, camp and council proud!

I can’t tell you how many of this weekend’s participants, both youth and adults, stopped me to tell me how impressed they were with your hospitality and our camp.

I can’t stop thinking of how great our camp looked this weekend and how our Scouts and Scouters will also benefit for your hard and long work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mike Mahon

Supreme Chief of the Fire

Na Tsi Hi Lodge

Announcing Pine Pass 2017! A season pass for the 2017 OA Season.


For one payment, you will pay your 2017 dues, the OA Winter Banquet, Spring Pow Wow, Fall Pow Wow and Fall Fellowship. You will receive a special 2017 Pine Pass patch. If you wear this patch at OA events, you are entitled to come to the front of the line for all meals (after the new inductees).

Automatically register for all four events as well as paying your dues for the upcoming year. The cost of the Pine Pass is $95.00.


The individual costs for these items are:

Winter Banquet – Dec. 29, 2016 (includes special lodge flap)            $25.00
Spring Pow Wow – June 2-June 4 at Forestburg (includes patch)           $28.00
Fall Pow Wow – September 8-10 at Quail Hill (includes patch)            $28.00
Fall Fellowship – Oct 29                                                $15.00
2017 dues                                                               $15.00
Total individual cost:                                                  $111.00

Pine Pass:                                                              $ 95.00

Payment must be received by December 29, 2016. No late payments will be accepted.
When you purchase the Pine Pass you receive a special 2017 Pine Pass patch. Wear this patch at one of the season’s events; it will entitle you to come to the front of the line for all meals (after the new inductees).
This is for the named individual and is non-transferable.

OA Member – 2017 PINE PASS Registration online:

Pine Pass 2017 Flyer